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The result of working with Nuno was a profound change in my life, both on a personal and interpersonal level and, of course, in my bodyboarding performance!
I just won my 10th national bodyboard title!! It is a super powerful coaching that I recommend to everyone. It is a journey that you take and that you only realize at the end. Prepare yourself very well for sport and for life. It has a lot, a lot of value!
Manuel Centeno
Profissional Bodyboarder
Nuno and the work we did was one of the best things that could have happened to me in Jiu-Jitsu and in my life. The support you receive is unconditional and Nuno has an innate ability to unlock what I don't even know is happening to me. I became calmer and had a different and more understanding view of competition and how to deal with bad times. There is no athlete to whom I do not recommend Nuno's work!
Pedro “Paquito” Ramalho
Campeão Mundial de Jiu-Jitsu
My coaching program with Nuno was a brutal journey of self-discovery. I learned to perceive the true causes of my way of being, and the way to become more complete and fulfilled. At the end of these 10 months of coaching, I look back with deep pride and satisfaction for realizing how much I grew and evolved to reach my new way of being. Thank you very much Nuno and congratulations for your sensitivity and deep knowledge in this area, and for always hitting the target with your questions!
Sebastião Furtado
Surf coach
Ter tido a oportunidade de vivenciar novamente um programa de Coaching com o Nuno. Foi um privilégio imenso. Foram meses de crescimento e fortalecimento de capacidades que geralmente tendemos a negligenciar, e que o Nuno com uma fantástica sensibilidade nos faz aceder e trabalhar, ajudando-nos a crescer como seres humanos mais integrais. A quem nunca teve a oportunidade de experienciar a metodologia #integralcoachingcanada posso dizer que todos os momentos de incertezas, vulnerabilidades e desconfortos, aos quais somos sujeitos e desafiados durante um programa deste calibre, são transformados em preciosas ferramentas.
Rui Loureiro
Rugby Coach

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